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This is another in the long-running genre of ‘Girls Who Save the World’, but in this instance, they are saving many worlds. Let’s put on some patriotic music as we send forth the plot of “Ange Vierge” (“Anju Vieruju”):

One day, out of the blue, the Five Worlds were linked together. Our blue world, Earth; the black world, ruled by night and magic, Darkness Embrace; the red world, protected by prayer and by the gods, Tera Rubily Aurora; the White World, managed by science and computers, System White Egma and the Green World, governed by weapons and armies, Glynnesert. Meanwhile, in each of the worlds, there was an emergence of girls possessing special “Exceed” abilities. The girls would come to be known as the Progress. There, the girls would meet. The worlds are on the verge of doom. Only the Progress can save it. (Rising crescendo and music out.)

OK, here is where this show looks like “Freezing” or “Valkyrie Drive”, in that you need another person (in this show, your alpha-driver) to help unleash your powers. However, the Evil Force afoot, the one bent on multi-dimensional destruction, has literally and actually frozen out the a-drivers, so things get a bit tough. Adding to this is that the Evil Force can take over the Progress and turn them to the dark side, so now your best friend is a dire enemy. They must be defeated without hurting them. (Tell them that their uniform DOES make their butt look fat.)

If this sounds convoluted, it is. There are almost too many people doing all sorts of things that may or may not be interconnected, so it takes a while to sort it all out. This is made more confusing when the baddies appear to be spending a huge amount of time taking baths. Or maybe they are taking the same bath for weeks on end. Oh, the Progress. Well, perhaps introductions are in order, left to right:

Almaria, a mature vampire girl from the Black World. She fights using blood, but at the same time she thinks that feeding on others is embarrassing, and thus has not bitten anyone yet.

Nya Lapucea, a busty girl from the Green World. She has the reflexes of a soldier, but is also quite carefree and hates trouble. She is, additionally, very lazy.

Saya Sōgetsu, A former high school student from the Blue World. Though she is emotional, she is also brave and supportive when the situation calls for it.

Elel, an extremely friendly and energetic angel from the Red World. Her ability is to borrow abilities from her friends, but it only works if there is a mutual bond between them.

Code Omega 77 Stella, A heterochromia (different colored irises) android from the White World. She has a passion for speed and wants to become even faster than before.

These five are able to go to the worlds and protect their crystals. Yes, each planet gets its power from a special crystal. Steal or destroy the crystal, you destroy that world. The Ouroboros are the group bent on this domination and the ladies are tried to the very zenith of their abilities to prevent that from happening. They have to fight on two fronts, to not only save their worlds, but rescue their friends. They cannot fail, for it one world is lost, all worlds are lost and I’ll never have that recipe again………ahem!

It’s that I never felt there was any real peril. Unlike the aforementioned shows that had drama and conflict and dire situations, this almost comes off like a travelogue, as we visit the worlds, see the sights, beat the enemy and take in the hot springs. I never felt that they were pushed to the edge of their abilities and that the hope to save their friends was beyond their scope to achieve. Even with the ‘boss battle’, it’s all anti-climactic. I have seen shows like this done far better. I’m watching one now that is more terrifying than what these folks are trucking with. If you just want perky people, you will love this show. If you want some meat with your meal, find another place.


On a scale of 1 to 10:

Artwork           7 (Cute but pointless)
Plot                  7 (Good idea, weak execution)
Pacing              6 (The fights slow it all down)
Effectiveness   6 (Lost because of a lack of real conflict)
Conclusion      2 (It reaches a ‘coupler point’, but hasn’t ended)
Fan Service     2 (A similar show would be “Okamisan”)

Overall            6 (Fell apart at the end)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. Save the crystal!

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