Short Run Series XVIII – Let’s Look For “Buried Treasure”

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Nanana’s Buried Treasure” (“Ryūgajō Nanana no Maizōkin”) is a good action-adventure-ghost show, as there are layers upon layers and everyone has a hidden agenda. Oh, and this also is a “move-in” show.

Our hero, Juugo Yama, (fourth from left) comes to the “Special Student Zone” on the artificial island Nanaejima. Strapped for funds, he moves into an apartment, with the strange proviso of all the rent for a year up front. The reason? It is haunted by a previous tenant who was murdered there. This is Nanana (the one in the trunk) and she spent her living days hunting down strange and unusual treasures.

It has been 10 years since she was killed and the cops are no closer to finding her murderer today than when it happened. Juugo is determined to find her killer, but also unlock the hidden treasures that are about the island. Part of this is to help her move on. Another is the lure of treasure. Now, for a ghost, Nanana is both lively (playing video games all the time) and hungry (devouring pudding, but preferring a rather expensive brand). And when she wishes it, can physically manifest herself (as she wrestles Juugo often for apartment supremacy).

Overseeing the complex (and Nanana, in a sense), is Shiki Maboro. She somehow manages to keep her figure despite the insane amount of alcohol she consumes (and is it a prerequisite that most landladies drink like a fish?) She knew Nanana when she was alive and helped her track down the treasure, so she feels she owes Nanana something.

In Juugo’s school is the Adventurer’s Club, a group of students dedicated to finding all of her treasures. It consist of Isshin Yuiga (the bespectacled one), who is the president and Yū Ibara (green dress). She is the vice-president and will also kick anyone’s butt who speaks ill of Yuiga. Also joining the club is Tensai Ikkyū (that Sherlock Holmes wannabe) and her maid Daruku Hoshino (oh, and that’s a guy, but he cross-dresses the entire show).

The riff-raff at the right end of the group shot are nothing but trouble. The guy with the stringy hair is Hiiyo Ikusaba. He was a former club member, but would stop at nothing to obtain treasure, even if it meant injuring a fellow class mate. He is more of a lone wolf. The other two are a team of Yukihime Fugi and Shū Todomatsu. They are part of Matsuri and is another faction looking for the treasures.

The series details the travails of Juugo to get Nanana out of the apartment, try and help the Adventure’s Club to obtain the treasures and prevent the evil forces from getting them. You see, these treasures are more than just a sack of gold or the Lost Ark; these treasures have the ability to give one almost supernatural powers, and that is one reason we have the hunt to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Hiiyo has one of these powers and he uses it to terrifying results.

Overall, it’s a cute show, but the early closure of it (11 episodes) and the fact that much is left undone smacks heavily of more episodes and at least a second season. But why pull short? Why not have that 12th show or even #13 before you go into hiatus? Also, Tensai is a force to be reckoned with. She possesses a very sharp, analytical mind and can break down any puzzle to attain the solution. Nanana is a bit on the annoying side, in that she doesn’t seem to be all that anxious to leave or even find out who killed her after a decade, more content to play the latest fighting video game (I’m sure there’s a clue there, but I haven’t been able to puzzle that one out).

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Artwork 8 (Nice approach)
Plot 8 (Different approach)
Pacing 7 (Does get a bit talky in spots)
Effectiveness 6 (Early end time hurts)
Conclusion 3 (It reaches a ‘coupler point’, but doesn’t hasn’t ended)
Fan Service 4 (A similar show would be “Magikano”)

Overall 6 (Fell far short at the end)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. Do you want a clue?

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  1. DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!! The maid got me just from this picture. *edited*

  2. The Droid says:

    I know, but it doesn’t make any sense in the full run of the show as to why it has to be. Well, that’s anime…….

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