Well, I’ll Be “Dog” Gone

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Dog and Scissors review

As far as fantasy shows goes, this is a little different, although the topic was explored by Chevy Chase and Benji many years ago; however “Dog and Scissors” is far more entertaining than that film (and ruined the careers of both of its stars. Did you ever see Benji work again?)

Kazuhito Harumi is a high school boy who is obsessed with reading books. The only thing better than a book, is two books. He is currently reading the massive “Deadly Sins” series by Shinobu Akiyama, and it has been over a year since the release of Book Six. When will Book Seven, “Lust”, come out? One day, while reading at a local cafe, a robber storms in, intent on thievery. One person, a woman, is so busy writing something that she is oblivious to what is going on. Harumi is shot and killed when he attempts to protect this random stranger.

The Fates, however, look kindly upon him and reincarnate him as a long-haired dachshund. He has retained his personality and ability to read, but when he speaks, it all comes out in barks and yips. At the pet store he is currently languishing in, Kirihime Natsuno comes in to purchase him. There is a telepathic connection between the two, as they can understand each other’s thoughts, although she can speak to him and have him understand.

She takes him back to her apartment and that’s when all the chaos begins, as she is the woman at the café that caused him to be killed.

What we see next is the absolutely weird world these folks live in. Oh, the ‘Scissors’? If you look closely at the picture, you can see the scabbard protruding from beneath her apron. That is where she keeps her scissors, which she wields with precision. Whenever she feels Harumi is getting too impertinent (which he does in commenting both about her smallish bust size and her rather sadistic nature), she whips them out (they are named like a sword and are called “Hasejiro”) and shears into him a kanji insult (“idiot”, “moron”, “bad dog”).

If this wasn’t bad enough, the people who populate her life are just as wacky as she is.

Suzuna Hiiragi is an editor who looks over Natsuno’s work. She is scatterbrained and masochistic to the point that her day is not complete until Natsuno physically abuses her. Now, she has a huge pair of tomes on her, which is a main source of all the boob jokes in the show, and causes no end of consternation, especially when they jiggle and bounce about (which they do with astounding frequency).

Maxi Akizuki is a young idol and author as well, and she is always trying to outshine everyone to the point where she is endlessly annoying. Everyone also ignores her, as she really doesn’t have much of value to say, but a fabulous way of saying it.

Hami Ohsawa. A classmate of Harumi when he was a person, she is a shy and uncertain author, who is overly apologetic for intruding on people’s life and will kill herself, as it would make things better. She is working on a book herself.

Sachi Moribe is a maid. She has a habit of dancing and singing alone and becomes incredibly embarrassed towards any witnesses to this action. The victim (usually Kazuhito) is viciously attacked by her broom which hides a long blade. Although she and Natsuno clash repeatedly, their battle is always interrupted.

The series tells the tale of Dog and Scissors’ life together and just how bent everyone is. It is an off-kilter little show, in that you feel that perhaps authors are never really in their right minds to begin with. There is a charm about things, although you honestly wish Scissors was less mean to Dog when he speaks (barks?) his mind. Also Dog seems to forget that he cannot keep any thoughts to himself as she will hear and react immediately. And she acts immediately. No fear factor there.

There is a second season in the offing, merely because it didn’t end, just reached a stopping point. Fan service is handled almost exclusively by the editor, who wears these outfits that promote her assets and irritate Scissors to no end. This is a really good change-of-pace show, if you want some bizarre comedy and a strange romance approach to your anime.

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Artwork 8 (It is a good-looking show)
Plot 6 (Weak at times, but it works)
Pacing 8 (Just like trying to write a book)
Effectiveness 8 (Works towards a defined end)
Conclusion 6 (It’s a coupler point)
Fan Service 5 (A similar show would “Maburaho”)

Overall 8 (A bit heavy on the violence aspect)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. Is the latest book out yet?

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  1. Avatar Alderkonig says:

    By romance, do you mean Dog and Scissors? That would be mildly uncomfortable.
    Thanks for the review. I tend to come to anirecs for anime that are usually overlooked or forgotten in a sea of mainstream top 1000’s, and you guys never fail at giving me something new to consider. This here is a great example of that.

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