Accel World (A sad excuse for anime) Review

September 9th, 2012 in Accel World, Anime, General Reviews by

Many times I have found myself starting an anime and thinking ‘hey this show is great!’ but then it drags on… and on… and on….. until it just becomes boring, repetitive and flat out sucks. Well this is exactly what happened with this season’s Accel World.

Accel World deals with the  rare MMORPG/virtual reality genre and had a ‘unique’ protagonist. At the start, I couldn’t wait for the following week to see the next episode, everything was just new fresh and exciting, at episode 12 (the perfect time for a conclusion) I was starting to get a little tired of the characters and now.. episode 22 I’m sick and tired of pretty much everything. The VR game which is the foundation for the show makes no more logical sense at this point. The majority of the characters are overly shallow, fickle and just plain stupid.

The only character who is even remotely worth giving any credit to is Kuroyukihime. (Xtra pic @ bottom of post *wink*), while she has extremely bad taste in guys (ie. liking Haru), she is intelligent, levelheaded and popular (not blonde popular but… ‘irie’ popular) all while still maintaining a certain level of complexity. If they spent anywhere as much of an effort on the other characters as they did on her, I personally think the show would be much better than the compilation of sniveling, estrogen overdosed buffoons that we have currently.

For the unfortunate souls (like me) who are keeping up with this sh*tty excuse for a show, please explain to me why is it that dominance in a game has any effect on real life? If someone is blackmailing you how is beating them in a game going to fix it? And who would let the result of a life changing decision be chosen by the outcome of a virtual fight? There is a always an unlimited number of more simple ways to fix everything those guys in the show make such a big deal out of.

I’m sorry, but the directors didn’t think this through and as a result, what started as a great show ended up to be the biggest fail of this anime season.

While the overall animation as well as the fight/fast-paced scenes are great. It in no way makes up for the horrible ineffectiveness of the majority of the characters in bringing forth their roles. And being at episode 22 out of 24 in total I can bet my left kidney that the conclusion is going to be open ended and ridiculous (if it even has anything resembling an ending at all).

Plot                  5/10
Music                7/10
Artwork             8/10 (cool but overwhelmed by the overall suckiness)
Effectiveness     3/10
Conclusion        5/10 (bet my left kidney its gonna suck)

Overall           5/10

In the rare event you like this show… and I destroyed your day, instead of flaming my inbox here’s something to set your mind at ease.

17 responses to “Accel World (A sad excuse for anime) Review”

  1. Cely_belly says:

    Hahaha.  I kind of like it.  Although, this last arc sucks.  But maybe it’s because I kind of left it on-hold for a while and then marathoned the rest of the episodes?

    • Façade says:

      maybe if I had left it on hold I would enjoy it more.. but watching multiple weekly episodes where all that happens is a bunch of grown guys being all pathetic about simple stuff kinda got on my nerves.

  2. Kai says:

     I’m sure the ending’s going to be an open ending without much of a conclusion, and there’s probably going to be a season 2 soon.

  3. VNitsua says:

    Wow I thought the exact same thing as this article. This anime sucks.

  4. sam says:

    I tried to watch this anime because of the of anime called Sword Art Online (which i enjoyed alot).

    i felt uncomfortable watching this, i felt like i’m watching a completely different anime (i heard it’s similar to SAO ??? and it’s from the same creator ???).
    from ep1 to episode 4 (i paused at 16:48 ep4)… the show focus too much on typical boy girl relationship… in a unrealistic forceful way. i want to see more battle and game content’s related, like exploring the new world… more epic scenes ! with less boy-girl high school story.

    • Façade says:

      I remember watching this the same time as SAO as well.. But this was just awful in comparism.. to be honest I still haven’t completed it. Missing two episodes or so but dreading it 🙁

  5. uriah says:

    I thought this anime was great (at first) its definately not SAO in comparison but it has its moments. they could have done better in the second season and towards the end and i didnt mind the boy/girl stuff as this helps liven up the anime (it would be super boring if it was all commando and about the game) i feel they should have done more.. (Such as concluding the “Unreachable level 10” or at least give us a little more detail about it and leave it on an awesome cliff-hanger. And getting deeper into the relationships between the characters. I do however feel like the arita having to face down noumi was an excellent addition and really livened up the anime ALOT. They shouldnt have ended there though. It left alot untold over-all and the whole “Mysterious Accel World Feel” went down the drain and made you feel like you dont care about accel world anymore, which is quite sad. I liked this anime as much as the next one, but its not in my top 10 at all although it could have been…

  6. 4/10 says:

    the main characters purpose in this anime is to let fat neckbeard fanboys fantasize, he is in no way “cool”, he is fat, short, unattractive and has a rather crappy personality… The main character leads the anime in a way, so he has to hold the qualities of a leader with room for improvement. you can’t just slap some guy in a pretend its ok :

  7. Accelerator0 says:

    You seem to be very simple minded and the type who only cares for anime with a badass MC. Not saying anything is wrong with that, but you shouldn’t be bitching about a show. If you don’t like it drop it and move on with your life.

    Also, if you’re going to make comments like you did in your second paragraph perahps you should actually give an example so people can tell if you know what you’re talking about or just an idiot who can’t comprehend what he’s watching. Honestly just saying the VR game makes no logical sense is pretty weak. It makes me think you just don’t understand what’s going on. Especially your comment about how the characters are, of course they would have flaws. Would that not make sense since their duel avatars need these flaws to be created? or maybe you just didn’t understand the concept.

    Your third paragraph greatly reinforces my statement that you need the instant badass. Newsflash though, not all anime fans want that instant badass. Some people actually want character development which is what this anime’s main focus is on if you even remotely understood the purpose of Brain Burst.

    Also, it’s in very bad taste to flat out call as show a shitty excuse for an anime. It’s fine to have your opinions but keep that type of opinion to yourself. As far as your “unlimited number of ways” to solve this problem goes, how would you go about those and have them still keep to the plot for the show? I would think by now you have had your fare share of MCs who make what seems like a bad decisions but is the only right decision that would work for the show. Why do they do this you ask, because that’s the whole fucking point of the show. May not be how you or I would handle it in real life but it’s an anime, if they don’t stick to the plot the show falls apart.

    Lastly, this “Artwork 8/10 (cool but overwhelmed by the overall suckiness)” is pathetic. if you’re going to give individual scores then stick to your fucking scores and don’t let them cross categories. What, because you didn’t enjoy the anime the art instantly becomes bad? Say whatever you want to say though, not my fault if you want to sounded like an incompetent anime reviewer.

    • Façade says:

      I admit when i wrote this review I was pretty upset so I was a bit biased… ok… really biased… but this was my own personal opinion here, and as its against my policy to edit what I wrote in the past (besides really horrible grammatical errors) I cannot change anything here… for a more.. unbiased review check out The Droids review:

    • Nathaniel Sailors says:

      To be honest, this show is objectively terrible. The concept and potential is there, and it can be made great, but the execution of this show lacks any real direction. I have to agree though that the decisions made by the casts are terrible, but they are all children. Children don’t know how to make sound and intelligent decisions. I had to keep telling myself that while watching this show, since there was almost always a better way of solving the problems presented to them. However I can’t forgive the show for the lack of consistency. The only thing that I can say was consistent was the lack of continuity. Eh but hey, your rebuttal is on the same bar as the review your are so passionately knocking, as well as the show itself. I know this post is three years old, but I just couldn’t help but throw in my two cents.

  8. Colgate says:

    Plot 5/10
    (interesting concepts, but horrible execution turning out to be
    way below mediocrity. “go read the light novels to continue the story”
    conclusion aka it’s nonexistent.)

    Characters 3/10
    This is where Accel World shines better than the writer’s other work
    Sword Art Online. The main character, Haru, is actually a realistic
    gamer/nerd. He is portrayed as unappealing similar to that of Shinji
    from Evangellion or Makoto from School Days. All of these characters are
    considered “unlikable” by idiots because they are heavily flawed. Oh
    wait; I shouldn’t group Evangellion or School Days with this garbage.
    Haru’s character development is unrealistic and retarded. He turns out
    to be an idiot who is just like every other harem lead that attracts any
    female that looks at him for no reason other than wish fulfillment. I
    wouldn’t mind it the he actually used his lucky situation, but he is too
    “afraid”. The fights in the show are just typical shounen won by deus ex
    machina and the power of will. If you are used to that or don’t care,
    then they will be enjoyable.
    The second main character and the Haru’s “main” love interest is
    kuroyukihime. She is your typical tsundere that every otaku gets off on.
    Her whole purpose in the show is to be used as a plot device for Haru
    to win fights and to progress the “plot.” She lacks any personality
    besides being generic and is only is there for that moe fan service.
    The other characters include a girl with big tits who falls in love with
    Haru, a loli cousin who also has the hots for our mc, and some other
    females that you shouldn’t care about if you have a brain because they
    are that pointless and shallow.

    Art and animation: 4/10

    I don’t care, but it fits with the story and it has all that moe
    goodness and fan service that we all love. Right? I

    Soundtrack: 4/10

    Even if the soundtrack had anything noteworthy, which it
    doesn’t, it wouldn’t fix its problems. They are typical pop songs that
    you hear in any anime.

    Tl;dr: 4/10
    (Dumb harem written by sword art online’s writer whose main motto
    in life is “Do you want girls fawning over you? Be a complete loser
    while also being a mary sue. The chicks dig that. Now buy my novels.”

  9. Bakachiki123 says:

    I liked this but hated SAO had more relationship and character development

  10. Daniel says:

    Wasn’t a great anime but was watchable. I liked the fact the MC was who he was but the episodes did seem to drag a little until the end.

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