An Introduction to Anime Watching

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How to Watch Anime

I was sitting on a step today and I began thinking, how did i start watching anime? What was it that glued me to this type of TV shows?Would I have hated it if i watched the series i’ve seen in a different order? After brainstorming for quite a while I came up with the conclusion that while there is no ‘wrong’ way to watch anime, when just being introduced to it, its better to view a few select staple shows first (shows that practically everyone loves) then slowly vary the genre till you find your own personal preference and  by then you’ll be able to stand on your own two feet in the world of anime.

Okay, so as i have stated in a previous post the anime Death Note is a must watch, not only that but it’s a great introduction to anime plus i guarantee bu the time your done you will be 1.5x smarter. If you disagree 🙂 please leave your compelling argument here :mrgreen: . Death Note is awesomely complimented by Code Geass so as a second its a great choice. Now, these two are pretty popular and almost anyone can recommend them to you, but the mistake that many make from this point is that they’ve had ther fill of psychological want to flip the script and move onto something ‘funny’ and ‘light’, unfortunately there are quite a few shows out there where instead of being just that they, well… they … ‘Incur the loss of brain cells’ for lack of another way of putting it, for example, even a relatively experienced anime lover such as myself cannot yet bear to finish watching Eiken, yes it has alot to do with personal preference but honestly, if that was the first anime I ever saw, i would pretty much be scarred for life and hate anime (theres a limit to how big a womans bust can be, and lord did they just ignore that). Also, a show such as Junjo Romantica, while i will admit in its genre its one of the best pieces out there. Its..

Not something the average person would like to start off with (assuming the average person isn’t a huge fan of watching homosexuality in anime form). I remember during my university days, it was actually somewhat of a prank to recommend to someone Junjo Romantica. I was curious once and started watching it without any prior research and halfway through episode one, my jaw dropped and i thought of it as.. by far… the most disturbing thing… I have ever seen in anime *shudders*. Still! As I said before, its all about personal preference, because i also know people who absolutely love that show.

Okay think i went a bit offtopic there, back to the issue at hand, after Death Note and Code Geass i suggest Mushishi for something that calm, relaxing non grey-matter intensive show or Hellsing if u’re still up for some some action packed vampire ass kicking. After seeing either one of those two. You should then go back and watch the other 😎 . Now we move on to romance, i have noticed there are 2 main types of people, those who LOVE a good Romance Anime, or those who Absolutely Hate Sappy. You can touch either Love Hina (romance/harem/comedy (kiddy-humor)) or Ai Yori Aoshi for something slightly more of a mature/serious nature. Lastly i recommend something completely random such as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (it has a slow start but is really one of the better shows out there) or Gundam Wing (if you feel you’ll like Giant mecha robots going at it is your thing.  Okay, so basically youre gonna go like this, or if ure recommending to a friend.

Death Note >> Code Geass >> Mushishi/Hellsing >> Hellsing/Mushishi >> Love Hina/Ai Yori Aoshi >> Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann / Gundam Wing.

Well that’s all for now, best of luck.

ps. if you disagree, what would your progression be? As time progresses and I do more research I will update here and add some more stuff, change the list if necessary and hopefully find some references!

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  1. That’s a great post! I always put a lot of thought on what to start people off.  I think the best way is first ask them what type of series they’re up to. Some like the darker/serious stuff and others love a light, happy tone story. I’ve personally enjoyed Death Note, but I know the dark themes of that may not be for everyone. I did have trouble understanding Code Geass though. Gurren Lagann would probably be my top choice for showing people. 

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