Fan Service Alert: Maken-Ki II OVA

November 13th, 2014 in Anime, General Reviews, Maken-Ki by

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It seems to be some kind of unwritten law that if you have a fan-service heavy romantic comedy, you need to follow it up with a fan-service heavy OVA.

When “Maken-Ki” completed its first season, they had these rather silly ‘exercise’ videos as their OVA, which were nothing more than a thin excuse to look up skirts, down blouses and notice cleavage.

The second season of “Maken-Ki” abandoned everything from the first season to let us drool over the very athletic and toned ladies. The OVA discards anything like ‘plot’ and ‘story’ and ‘character development’ to let us now gaze upon their toplessness.

Yes, dude, I am talking NO errant clouds of steam, NO bizarre shafts of light. NO black bars of despair. You get to see their mighty mounds as if you are nose to nose with them. One shot of them looked like a view of the Grant Teton (that’s a French term; go look it up and see what I mean). And it’s RIGHT THERE! And the ladies don’t seem to mind at all, as they coo and purr and make other odd sounds.

Since there is no salacious content, it keeps it from being a 10, but just the languid views certainly put it well within ‘Sekerei’ territory, but uncensored, OK? I should call this the Cheesecake Factory, as they serve up bounteous slice after bounteous slice for your mouth-breathing excitement. I assume there is a story, but that is dispensed with right away…..along with the first layer of clothing

Last I checked, there were but two episodes of about five minutes, but you have a rewind button. Use it!

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Artwork 9 (Oh, yeah!)
Plot 1 (And that’s a courtesy)
Pacing 7 (Languid, but that’s to be expected)
Effectiveness 8 (If you want to gape and gawp)
Conclusion 1 (Again, just being nice)
Fan Service 8 (A similar show would be “Sekerei”)

Overall 2 (No real point)

And remember, it’s first run until you’ve seen it. But you WILL see it!

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