Naruto: Not a lost cause after all

February 3rd, 2013 in Anime, General Reviews, Naruto by

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So as usual I’ve been watching naruto shippuden and recently I’ve noticed that I’m no longer simply bearing with each episode.  In fact I’ve found that I have actually been looking forward to each one.

I remember some time back complaining about the filler that started in the middle of the great ninja war arc, while the interruption was indeed annoying the filler was actually pretty good. It could’ve made more money as a movie though, but hey,  I’m not complaining.

As every fan knows, we are back in the ninja war arc and Naruto, along with killer bee are heading towards the front lines. To be more specific, last week was the encounter between Naruto + Killer Bee vs Itachi + Nagato. While it was a pretty cool episode I kinda dislike how soft Itachi is being portrayed at this point. He was kinda better when we all thought he was a cold, unfeeling, yet badass bastard. Sigh, but seeing as his intentions were always good (as we recently found out), I guess seeing this side of him was inevitable.

When it comes to the big man himself (Naruto) his power is currently off the chart, having surpassed Jiraiya ages ago alongside full control of the nine tailed fox and being a full time sage kinda equals hokage level awesomeness. I guess his dream isn’t just a dream anymore and a very definite possibility.

We haven’t been seeing much of Sasuke, but it is expected that he will make a pretty huge appearance soon. Sakura on the other hand has been the epicenter of everything medical. And seeing as it’s a war and war means injuries, there is ALOT of her all over the place. Taking into consideration her Tsunade level strength and superb medical abilities (and forgetting the whole Sasuke obsession thing) she is pretty awesome. That makes me wonder, who would win in a battle of strength (not speed), the Raikage  or Sakura?? My vote is on sakura, feel free to leave your opinion below.

Overall Naruto has pretty much taken a turn for the best. My congrats to to the animators for turning this show around and if you dropped it…. There is always the 5 second rule (wink). For those who read the manga, please don’t spoil it for us anime watchers and limit your comments to what you knew at the point where we are currently 🙂 .

2 responses to “Naruto: Not a lost cause after all”

  1. reymark c salinas says:

    i very love watcheng naruto shipudin im totally adt of dt anime infact i almost wathc na oll the rcnt episodes iwsh na mapanood ko the complete episode

  2. Juan Martinez says:

    Wow. I love the way you ask on who is stronger between Raikage and Sakura. And funny to see that I also bet for Sakura. Cool!

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